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Foshan Mosia Beauty & Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a large international manufacturer collecting planning, R&D, and production of high quality OEM/ODM skin care, hair care and cleaning products. The Company founded in 2001 owns a garden-like modern industrial park of nearly 100 acres, ISO9001: 2008 quality certification, the EU ISO22716 cosmetics certification and the US GMPC certification, which assure our provision of the OEM/ODM one-stop full service of high-quality daily chemical products for our clients and our efforts devoted to making us a professional enterprise developing and manufacturing global personal care products.

1、Cooperate with the global cosmetics giants and grasp accurate
hold of international developments

While focusing on the domestic market, Mosia keeps an eye on the international market. It work with the world-renowned institutions and enterprises in the field of cosmetics to pay attention to domestic and international trends in cosmetic products. Aside from cooperation with the domestic top cosmetics case-planning strategy agencies, it maintains a long term partnership with Tupperware (China),Beiersdorf, BASF, MANE, Russia Tianchuang Trade Development Co., Ltd. and other transnational enterprises to ensure the forefront and safe raw materials and components, so as to provide high-quality products fitting the market and getting in line with internationalization for Mosia clients.

2、Cross-border cooperation with the world's leading research

Mosia spends more than ten years in research and development and huge sums to establish a worldwide united research laboratory by joining hands with the world's leading cosmetics research institutions. In the last decade and more, Mosia have established long term comprehensive cooperation with France Mary Pratt Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of South China Sea, Foshan Science and Technology and other top research institutions, to pioneer the application of the world's most cutting-edge cosmetic technologies and the latest components to products so as that Mosia products stay at the forefront of international science and technology.

3、The production base up to international standardization

After endeavours over more than ten years, Mosia has established a garden-like modern industrial park of nearly 100 acres, has introduced the world's advanced cosmetic automated production equipment, has constructed production workshops up to international standards for those high purification workshop of drugs production, and has passed quality certification, EU cosmetics certification and US GMPC certification. With advanced management facilities and subject to internal control standards more stringent than the national standards, it provides clients with one-stop full-services of high-quality daily chemical products and makes itself an professional enterprise developing and manufacturing cosmetics for the world.

4、Stringent quality assurance system

Mosia has established sound quality management procedures in strict accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO22716 and GMPC. It also has developed internal control standards more stringent than the national standard for it to conduct enhanced destructive tests in advance on new products put into production. Each product must pass six rigorous testing procedures from packaging, raw material warehousing, semi-finished products to finished products for the purpose of strict quality control to ensure stability and efficacy of product quality.
  • US GMPC certification
  • EU GMPC ISO22716 certification