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Mosia technology R&D center is the core resource of the company competitive advantage and has a long-term cooperative relationship with Japanese and French cosmetics scientific research institutions. In 2002, it was rated as Foshan engineering technology R&D center by Foshan municipal government.
As a company which always emphasizes talent cultivation, it has formed an efficient team in cosmetics R&D by providing good professional training and technical exchange to technicians, improving incentive mechanism, and optimizing talent structure. This renders ability to Mosia to develop creative and competitive products which meet the current fashion trend.

Establish with joint efforts a global top R&D center

Mosia established a cosmetics R&D center covering an area of 1500 m2, together with such famous scientific institutions like Nanhai Oceanographic Institution under Chinese Academy of Sciences and Foshan University. This center is a comprehensive modern R&D base which combines raw material equipment, product refinement analysis and test, product function and effect evaluation and product amplification test. With labs for marine resources, Chinese herbal medicine and herbaceous plant, this center provides favorable support for the core function technology of Mosia.
In the principle of continuous innovation and excellence pursuit, Mosia entered into a cooperative relationship with Marie Pratt Institution of France for the purpose of keeping pace with the world’s top cosmetics technology and taking the forefront this regard.
In addition, it, together with Nanhai Oceanographic Institution under Chinese Academy of Sciences and Foshan University, jointly established a marine biotechnology industrialization incubation platform and technological innovation system for “marine life products (Foshan) production, education and research base” and “marine cosmetics (Foshan) industrialization demonstration base”;
Mosia works with Marie Pratt Institution on process research of skin care products with special effects.

Advanced equipment promotes scientific research capacity development

The R&D center has a group of elites specializing in R&D of cosmetics and imports many high-end equipment and instruments, such as Germany CK multi-probe skin tester, hair tester and other high-end cosmetics efficacy tester, providing a strong scientific basis for product quality optimization. It introduced Agilent’s most advanced gas and liquid chromatogram apparatus to strictly control the quality of fine raw materials.

Duties of R&D center

Product safety test and skin test and evaluation
New product research and developmentand R&D of special project (Find new raw materials for existing products and processes and develop and design new products according to market needs)
Test and research of product stability and other related features
Design formula and make a sample for OEM/ODM customers
Review, test and other monitoring test of raw materials
Technology, process and quality verification of new products after they are put into production

Technology patents

1、A marine biological cosmetics used to the skin surrounding eyes (ZL201110288716.2)
2、A full-effect sunscreen lotion containing marine bioactive substances (ZL201110269085.X)
3、A cosmetics containing the bioactive peptide of seashell and its preparation method and application (ZL201110079404.0)
4、A marine biological cosmetics used to refine pores (ZL201110106633.7)
5、Application of active extract from lantana camara to cosmetics preparation (ZL201210361455.7)
6、A deep-sea micro cluster containing mineral substance, its preparation method and cosmetics application (ZL201210087526.9)

Science and technology project over years

1、“Guangzhou Research and Demonstration of New Technology For Scale Development and Application of Active Substances from Shellfish Products”, a strategic cooperative project with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong, in 2009.
2、“R&D of Anti-aging Cosmetics Based on Marine Life”, a special fund project of technology development with Chancheng District in 2009.
3、“Marine Biological Cosmetics Industrialization Technology Development”, a key strategic cooperative project with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong, in 2009.
4、“Key Technology Research and Industrial Application Demonstration for Scale Preparation of Active Substances from Lantana Camara”, a special fund project of industry, education and research with Chancheng District in 2011.
5、“Industrial Technology Research and Demonstration for Composite Application of the Important Active Substances from Marine Life to Skin Care Product”, an industry-university-research project with Guangdong Education Department in 2012
6、“Application of the Important Active Substances from Pinctada Martensii and Perna Viridis to Cosmetics”, a project with Foshan Hospital of TCM in 2012.