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Large modern industrial park

The Company owns a garden-like modern industrial park of nearly 100 acres, ISO9001: 2008 quality certification, the EU ISO22716 cosmetics certification and the US GMPC certification. It also has advanced production equipment and first-class production environment which provide hardware support for the production of high quality products. It owns fully enclosed GMPC workshops equipped with clean air system at high purification level and ultraviolet light, ozone disinfection system, and a number of programmable automatic vacuum emulsification devices, where filling is done by fully automatic pneumatic and electric filling devices to realize zero-touch and no bacteria operation.

First-class production equipment

Its manufacturing center, constructed in strict compliance with 100k-class pharmaceutical standard and provided with Japanese mizuho vacuum emulsification equipment, and more than 20 multi-functional automatic filling production line working under process design by closed pipe production processes used daily chemical companies.

Complete supporting facilities

Its supporting facilities include storage tanks, mixing, emulsifying and filling, packaging, water treatment, automatic production lines and a variety of on-line testing instruments, contributing to the annual production capacity more than 30,000 tons. Moreover, there is a large logistics center with strong product distribution capabilities in the park.

Production support - Integrated Training Center

Mosia has a sound and integrated training center in the industrial park to hold trainings for staff on a regular basis in health knowledge specifications, quality control on production sites, control over key process points in relation with product technologies, formula, processes and other professional knowledge and skills to enhance the overall quality of the staff, develop targeted, effective and forward-looking plans adapted to production phases so as to guarantee quality Mosia presentation.

Production capacity

Filling capacity:
1、Production lines for creams: 3 lines, 13,000 bottles/8 hours
2、Production lines for body lotions/emulsions: 4 line, 6,500 bottles/8 hours
3、Sealing and filling production line: one line, 16,000 bottles/8 hours
4、Gel production line: one line, 9,000 bottles/8 hours
5、Production lines for washings : 10 lines, 8600 bottles/8 hours
6、Production line for mask filling : one line, 10,000/8 hours
Preparation capacity:
1、capacity for cream, milk, gel and other emulsification products : 10.2 tons/8 hours
2、capacity for washings : 92 tons/8 hours
3、gel and other aqueous products: 8 tons/8 hours