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Quality first, market sharing

Mosia has been well recognized and trusted by the clients mainly due to its solid product quality through long-term win-win cooperation with the clients by insisting on the specialty, focus and credit, and constantly observed international standards of product quality system. It also strictly follows good codes in production management like ISO22716:2007 (E) and GMPC production specifications of FDA. Standardization management for strict control has been implemented in every process, including incoming material, inspection, processing, packaging and storage; a standardization record is required in the whole course, to maintain system traceability; it is required to ensure correct methods of inspection, test and examination, and keep all instruments in a good condition for the purpose of product quality safety.

Strict control of raw material procurement

In raw material procurement, it is required to strongly select and control the qualified supplier of raw material. First, Procurement & Development Center is responsible to check and review the supplier’s capability of supply and quality guarantee, and then Procurement Center organizes R&D Department and Quality Control Department to conduct field review and evaluation and test physical and chemical properties by taking the sample back to the company; after the qualified review, the supplier will complete “Examination and review form of supplier capability of quality guarantee” which will be confirmed by relevant reviewers.

Strict supervision of semi-finished product

Besides normal inspection of physical and chemical indicators including color, fragrance, product smoothness and texture, it is necessary to strengthen inspection frequency of semi-finished products which were abnormal or subject to hidden quality problems, observe and re-check the samples left more frequently, and then make a feedback of the problems found to R&D Center in time for further improvement.

Strong supervision in production environment

It is required to perform sample check of the vessel, supply, towel and hands contacted with the material during the production, and then conduct microbiological detection per batch to ensure each batch of the product meets relevant standards. Meanwhile, it is required to strengthen the supervision of process quality, and develop the following production mechanisms, such as “Three as per” (Production as per product drawings, process specification and technical requirements), “Three inspections” (Self-inspection, cross-inspection and special inspection), “Three processes” (Guarantee this process, supervise previous process and serve next process), and “Four nos” (No defect, no defect acceptance, no defect transfer and no hidden defect).
As for non-conforming products, a non-conforming notice will be available for internal feedback, and it is required to find out the reasons in time and take corrective precautions; then it is necessary to identify proper and practical solutions to quickly and timely eliminate such non-conforming problems occurred in each link during the production.

Strict inspection of product packaging

After the product is packed, final inspection will be performed to further ensure product quality. The inspector shall thoroughly re-inspect final products including product appearance, marks and labels, packaging integrity, batch number, total bacterium number in physical and chemical indicators and mould, for the purpose of 100% control and 100% no missing inspection.