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Mosia, a global expert of customizing the cosmetics and an integrated, large, intelligent OEM/ODM platform, features solid technical strength and international experts and consultants, and targets to build an elite team for overall brand planning, product R&D, production and manufacture as well as project management, for the purpose of a one-stop OEM/ODM service and easier possession of your own brands.

Overall brand planning team

A team from Dopho, an overall planning and design organization which has been rooted in cosmetics nearly twenty years and focused on brand sustainable development, is responsible for brand planning, brand design, product design and brand communications of Mosia OEM/ODM services, for the purpose of international brand positioning differentiation, visual design marketing and communication precision, on the basis of industry sediment and understanding, rich experience in overall planning cases, along with creativity and appreciation rooted in marking but in a powerful and unconstrained style.
The wisdom of traditional Chinese painting does not see artistic beauty as purely physical. A real artist knows that the most important part of an artistic work must be spiritual.
Sticking to the three principles of “Being concentrated”, “creating original works” and “being highly efficient”
Dopho has realized its value by utilizing the techniques of traditional Chinese painting
Learning from the business esthetics of modern art
Standing on marketing communication and realizing the trend and fashion of the artistic world.
It is devoted to the planning and designing of a brand which is energetic and competitive.
Founder: Jiang Jianping
Visual marketing system builder
Cosmetics marketing expert
Brand strategic research and planning expert
Dopho brand founder

International top scientific research team

Based on international open scientific research platform established, Mosia Scientific Research Center gathers many professionals and doctor experts at home and abroad, possesses technical patents and product formulas and then provides you with high-quality, most valued products.

Service team of special project

Mosia provides a one-stop OEM/ODM solution, and builds modern business information management platform to fully communication with the clients. Mosia service team of special project, experienced in project operation and management, aiming at creating the values for the clients, provides every client with customized, thorough services and all-round client service management.

Excellent production team

Through the practice and development in more than ten years, Mosia has built a production team which is highly efficient in the execution and capable of excellent process development and optimization, and features stronger self-updated capacity (Reserve, training and related mechanism establishment for the employees at all levels and posts) and strong cohesive force, for the purpose of the excellence and guaranteed good products from Mosia.