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Service target:

1、Clients with their own brands;
2、Investors with newly registered brands.

Service contents:

1、Consultation of raw material, formula, packaging and manufacture technology;
2、Assistance with the clients in adjusting brand product structure;
3、Make a product sample as per the clients’ brand positioning and requirements and then identify the formula;
4、Inspection of semi-finished and finished products and packing acceptance;
5、Certificate provision (Business license, Sanitary permit and Production license);
6、Assistance with the clients in inspection submission and obtaining the inspection report or certificate;
7、Warehousing and shipment management services;
8、Provision of other value-added services optional to the clients.

Core business process:

1、The clients communicate with Mosia OEM account management in details to identify the cooperation;
2、Invite the clients for field visit at the factory;
3、Communicate with the clients regarding the requirements of the market and product technology;
4、Provide formula samples of part of products as required by the clients;
5、Improve the formula until a consensus is reached, after the clients experience product formula sample and make a feedback to Mosia;
6、The clients choose an OEM scheme and sign a processing contract with Mosia;

Mosia OEM service advantages:

1、International quality products can be unconditionally, flexibly and easily possessed. Independently-branded or highly-circulated products can be manufactured unconditionally and flexibly, with all aspects of consulting costs saved and without any huge investment, as the clients required, for the purpose of quality cosmetics conform to international standards.
2、Brand operation cost can be effectively reduced, i.e. ideal product by the least money. In terms of superior production environment, standardized management practices, as well as quality, stable and guaranteed brand products, the products, independently-branded and quality-reliable, can satisfy the requirements of R&D, production and processing, and meanwhile the investment risks regarding factory establishment, R&D and production can be eliminated.
3、It is conducive for the clients to focus on brand promotion. As for the brand operators good at sales but lack of production and processing technologies, it is Mengsha that is ideal to solve complicated production problems, enhance advantage and avoid disadvantage, as well as assist with the clients in focusing on brand promotion for the purpose of twofold results with half the effort.