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Join hands with top case planning agency
To provide quality brand ouput (ODM) services

Services Object:

1、Clients in the cosmetics industry planning to start a brand;
2、Investing clients proposing to break into the cosmetics industry.

Service Contents:

1、Understand client needs, then conduct market research. analyze and determine brand positioning according to the market and clients;
2、Write branding plans, brand stories and copies of serial products;
3、Determine the proposals of packaging materials and tests of packaging materials with clients;
4、Develop overall designs of brand, designs of product packaging and of related promotional materials;
5、Purchases product packaging materials, printing packaging boxes, brochures, labels etc. together with client;
6、Make pattern according to brand positioning and product selling points, and determine product formula;
7、Packaging materials testing, production, quality control, etc;
8、Provide the three certificates (business license, health permit, and production license) ;
9、Help clients make submission for inspection and obtain inspection reports or certificates.

Processes for Core Business:

1、Market research: conduct target market research, data analysis, client analysis etc., to provide research reports;
2、Brand planning: identify market positioning, brand positioning, client positioning, product positioning, and product line planning to submit planning proposals;
3、Build brand culture: including CI planning, cultural values, image culture;
4、Brand design: logo design, VI design etc.;
5、Product design: Choose packaging materials, identify packaging materials, product packaging designs, packaging process designs etc.;
6、Formula development: formula testing, formula shakedown testing, formula technology, quality monitoring etc.
7、Production: products proofing, packaging and production, QA inspection, finished product warehousing;
8、Material design: design of relevant materials and terminals;
9、Marketing strategy development: marketing strategies, market competition strategies, market promtion strategy, etc;
10、Supply chain management: procurement management, plan adjusment and control, logistics support, sales support, etc.

Edges of Mosia OEM Services:

1、 One-stop brand output to provide services of unique value
       an entire operation system integrating research of cosmetics brand market, branding, culture building, product planning, product R &D, production, packaging, design, production, supply chain management, market promotion and marketing strategies to provide clients with products and services of unique value.
2、Services provided by a professional team for clients to see their brand easily gain core competitiveness.
       Clients may rest assured with brand strategy, brand culture, product selling point and product mix, etc., for the through services provided by the top case planning and design agency in the domestic cosmetics industry will easily give you a brand of core competitiveness.
3、Make it possible for clients to create their own brands.
       As long as you want to break into the cosmetics industry or you just don't have the brand planning talent, Mosia will handle the brand-related matters; meanwhile, you can have international quality products without the need to build a plant.